Aroha - the fitness training in 3/4 time!

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Spirited movements combined with techniques from kung fu, karate, taiji and the haka (Maori war dance), accompanied by rousing music: that's what awaits you in this full-body workout.

Train strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination in 60 minutes. Strengthen your cardiovascular system, burn calories and reduce fat. Let yourself be pulled along by the continuous beat of 130 bpm and train your sense of rhythm.

AROHA helps you to develop better body awareness. You learn punching and kicking techniques from martial arts in the choreography and thus strengthen your self-confidence. And by the way, you also reduce stress.

Come and join in, even without any previous experience.

AROHA is just fun!

Time Monday 6.30 - 7.30 p.m.
Place Gymnastics hall KIT-FTU.
Teacher Kerstin Brodesser (licensed Aroha trainer)
Coasts are included in the membership of the Aikido Departmentn.
Bring along comfortable, light, elastic sportswear, sturdy sports shoes, a towel and enough water to drink.
Contact GŁnter Rinke, also before for tasting