Welcome to the Aikido Department of the Sportgruppe at KIT


The Aikido Department of the Sportgruppe at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology e. V. (SG KIT) offers its members a permanent offer from the following areas:


Aikido is a modern art of active self-defence created in Japan. The syllables Ai, Ki and Do are translated with harmony (Ai), life energy (Ki) and path (Do). In Aikido, the power of the attacker is guided, redirected and strengthened by his own energy, which is returned to him. Force and body size hardly play a role. Aikido is therefore suitable for all age groups, women and men equally.

Self-protection and self-defence include learning to defend ourselves against realistic attacks of all kinds with the help of targeted punches and kicks as well as with levers and nerve presses. The training is also intended to help us gain more self-confidence, self-esteem and a healthy body. It is suitable for everyone, but also & especially for children and teenagers, because not only for them it is fun to come to the training, besides self-confidence and the ability to defend themselves.


Qigong is a Chinese meditation, concentration and movement form for body and mind. The practice includes breathing exercises, body and movement exercises, concentration and meditation exercises. Qigong promotes health, prevents diseases, strengthens the immune system, increases mobility and has a regulating effect on the entire nervous system.

Tai-Chi is a system of movement theory originating from China, which was previously used for self-defence. It consists of soft, flowing and harmonious movements and serves for relaxation, balance, body coordination and mobility. It also stimulates blood circulation, deepens breathing and reduces tension. Tai-Chi consists of a sequence of 'pictures'.

In Yoga you practice tensing and letting go. It has many beneficial effects on body and mind. On the physical level, yoga leads to flexibility. The practitioner achieves a differentiated body perception and conscious use of the body. The exercises also lead to intensive and conscious breathing and increased concentration. The goal is a balance of body, mind and soul, inner balance and serenity.


Aroha is a full-body workout. This are spirited movements combined with techniques from kung fu, karate, taiji and the haka (Maori war dance), accompanied by rousing music.