Self-protection and self-defence - an outline


We primarily teach realistic self-defence. That means that we are able to defend ourselves against attacks of all kinds by means of targeted punches and kicks as well as levers and nerve presses. That might sound quite complicated at first, but the techniques being used in training are usually very simple and highly effective at the same time.

Attacks can be very diverse. They can lead from bullying, intrusive approaching, pushing, mass attacks by groups or punches to attacks with weapons like knives, sticks or pistols. We would like to help all those who attend our training to gain more self-confidence, self-assurance and a healthy body; this is the basis for being able to defend oneself effectively against all attacks from third parties. In addition, we train the right behavior in such situations (de-escalation). One of our most important principles is:

Every fight that we do not have to fight is fight that we win.

Finding and setting limits is also one of the important components of effective defence - that is the only way those limits can also be demanded. But there is much more to self-defence than just the ability to defend oneself:
We train our view, the attention we pay and our concentration in order to prevent us from risky situations such as mentioned before.

Our training is suitable for everyone, but especially for children and teenagers, for whom it is fun to visit the training besides the benefit of gaining self-confidence and the ability to defend themselves. During the training for children we gently and playfully train the right behavior in everyday situations on the way to / from school, on the train, on the bus or in the schoolyard.

Besides the training for children and teenagers there is a special training for adults as well. Have a glance at our timetable!

The remarkable advantage of our training is the diversity of lessons. Everyone can develop his/her individual style, nobody is forced to perform certain techniques.
The most important thing is always the ability to defend ourselves effectively - and that is the aim of our training.

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