Tai-Chi is a system of movement theory originating from China, which was previously used for self-defence. Tai-Chi has the goal of achieving physical and mental health. It consists of soft, flowing and harmonious movements and is used for relaxation, balance, body coordination and mobility. It also stimulates blood circulation, deepens breathing and reduces tension.

In Tai-Chi there are many styles with different forms. The forms consist of a sequence of "images" that follow each other continuously. For example, the so-called Beijing form has 24 pictures, one of the Yang style forms has 85 pictures and the sword form in Yang style has 32 pictures. Further infos e.g. at Wikipedia - Tai-Chi

In this permanent offer the Yang style and the sword form are taught. Previous knowledge of Tai-Chi is required.

Zeit Wednesday 6.30 - 7.15 pm, Yang style
Wednesday 7.15 - 8.00 pm, Sword form
Place KIT-Gymnastikhalle FTU
Teacher Glen Homeier
Costs are included in the membership of the Aikido department.
Clothing Bring comfortable, stretchy clothing and sports shoes