Overview courses and Workshops

(Status: 05.05.2022)

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Column 6 (course end) means the expected end of the course or workshop, which will be permanently updated depending e. g. if a training is canceled.

Course name Course No. Location Time Begin End Number of dates Remarks
Cardio-Fit   KIT-Gymnastikhalle FTU Mo 18.30-19.30 27.9.2021 27.9.2021 1 Offer ended
Nia   KIT-Gymnastikhalle FTU Mo 18.30-19.30   2020   Offer ended
Afro dance   Leopoldshafen, Clubheim SA 13.00-16.00 18.07.2015 18.07.2015 1 Offer ended
Capoeira     DO 20.00-21.30 12.05.2011 04.08.2011 9 Offer ended