Cardio-Fit with Kick


With this fitness program originating from the USA you train strength, endurance, mobility, coordination and balance and develop better body awareness and self-confidence. Through the use of rhythmic music, which motivates you to move, you train your sense of tact and learn to use the breath specifically in the arm and leg techniques from martial arts.

The combinations are easy to learn and require no prior knowledge. The basics are taught in class.

Time Monday 6.30 - 7.45 p.m.
Sport offer ended
Place Gymnastics hall KIT-FTU.
Teacher Ilo and Sandra
Coasts are included in the membership of the Aikido Departmentn.
Bring along comfortable, light, elastic sportswear, sturdy sports shoes, a towel and enough water to drink
and the will to take on the inner bastard
Contact GŁnter Rinke, also before for tasting